Thoughtfully designed with materials that come from the ground.

Aks are intentionally designed to take us back to our roots, to materials that nature has provided to us and that can safely go back to it. We are saying NO to plastic, NO to man made synthetics, NO to toxic chemicals and NO to blends!

Organic cotton. A cleaner option.

Good for farmers. Good for the planet. Good for you.

Good for farmers: Our organic cotton is Fairtrade™ certified which means that the farmers who grow our cotton have been paid a fair price for their crop. Additionally, organic cotton does not use any heavy pesticides which makes it safer for 80% women who pick the cotton on harvest.

Good for planet: Grown without any pesticides, organic cotton preserves the bio-diversity of the land and is 92% less water heavy than conventional cotton.

Fun Fact: Organic cotton takes 6-8 months to break down in landfills unlike other shoes that take 30-40 years!

Good for you: Enjoy the day long comfort of organic cotton that is naturally soft, breathable and made to last.

Natural Rubber

Giving the earth back what we take from it is important to us that's why we only source our materials from forests that restore natural resources through sustainable harvesting.

Painting with needle and thread

Reviving the forgotten ways

Finest Crafts(wo)manship

Hand embroidery has been used for centuries to create unique works of art and what is more sustainable than a needle and cotton thread. We use premium embroidery techniques and threads to embellish your sneakers so they are guaranteed to last through decades of wear and washes.

Our Artisans

An exclusive access

With a rich history in hand embroidery from the Mogul era, we give you direct access to the finest women artisans who bring their decades of technical experience creating luxury masterpieces that are worthy of making a statement in.

More about our Impact

One of a kind Sneaker

A fusion of heritage craft and modern design

Our signature artisan collection is hand embroidered one at a time with intricate embroidery techniques that were reserved for royals. We are reviving those techniques with a spin that's not only unique, but is also outrageously sustainable.

Biodegradable Materials

Unlike other shoes that are a mix of blends, we use pure, simple, plant based materials which means that our sneakers can easily be recycled and are fully biodegradable.

Our certifications:

We know the importance of accountability and checks in responsible manufacturing, that’s why we are proud to have our materials and production certified by leading authorities who hold the highest standards in ethical and sustainable production.