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If you are looking to buy new shoes, the newest trend is to be efficient with them.  We recommend investing in something that will save you from pain, but also save the planet from wastage.

Sustainable shoes are the new hype and we love it! The usage of natural or upcycled fibers is prominent in their shoes. This way we use the earth's natural plant-based materials and save up the industrial wastage.

The company uses an eco-friendly manufacturing process by using recycled waste. These shoes are great for environmental conservation and minimizing toxic waste due to the use of recycled materials.

Sustainability in the industry presents benefits for the manufacturer, consumer, and the environment. For sure sustainable material is hard to get, which is why it is also a little expensive.

Besides finding a better alternative, we also have to consider the economic and natural resources. To save the environment you may have to check to compromise on a few factors.

You will save the planet from some percentage of wastage which is great for the planet, and the consumer. Now you can make a positive influence on the environment by investing in some quality shoes. Here are a few options for sustainable and comfortable brands that make the world a better place:


Sezane is a Paris-based shoe brand and they are the new market rage. They claim that they provide safe and fair working conditions to their workers. The brand pays attention to eco-friendly materials and packaging.

Sezane has some of the best boots and clogs. Their shoe range includes sneakers, pups, loafers, and sandals for women. The price ranges from $145-$420 and, the brand is quite famous for its versatility for modern women.

The brand claims to use more than 75% eco-friendly materials in production and claims to give back regularly. The young French brand has gained popularity over the years for its life-saving approach towards the environment.


All birds are a California-based sustainable running shoe brand. They are famous for their production of carbon-neutral and recycled materials. If you are looking forward to buying shoes that are machine washable, this is the investment to consider.

Their products are famous for their versatility and comfort. The range includes adult sneakers, loafers, slip-ons, flats, sandals, and other weather-repellant options. Allbirds has comfortable and lightweight sneaker options that will have you walking all day without a hassle.


Designed in San Francisco, New York, and made in a family-owned factory in Brazil, Thousand Fell is the shoe that lasts. The best part about these shoes? They are recyclable and made from natural as well as recycled material.

Thousand fell only uses sustainable and vegan materials. Their products range from adult lace-ups and slip-ons. Their initiative is to take your sneakers back and refurbish them into something new.

Almost 97% of the shoes end up in landfills so this is your time to play your part. You also get a little reward of getting a $20 credit back when you return the shoes.

  • ABLE:

If you are looking for your everyday slip-on ABLE is the place that has you sorted. These shoes are the classic addition to your wardrobe and feature a very elegant and neutral color palette.

If you don't get your size right for the first time, you are in the right place! ABLE offers unlimited free returns and exchanges until you find the shoe perfect for you. Their healing motive is to empower women, by employing female artisans across the globe.

The Tennessee-based shoe brand offers fair labor wages and claims to get responsibly sourced material. They also offer eco-friendly packaging and, their prices range from $70-$145.


Fortress of Inca is a secondhand shop based in Austin, Texas. The leather booties and block heels are the highlight of the brand. Their business initiative caters to the works just like they care for their consumer.


Their prices range from $150-$275 for Women’s boots, flats, heels, mules, sandals. Their team sources materials locally, including leather. The initiative is to save the leather that would otherwise go to waste.

  • VEJA:

Veja is another brand that practices Fairtrade and sustainability. The French brand is all about using organic and upcycled material. If you are looking for streetwear this is the vegan and low-waste option to consider.

The brand conveys to employs marginalized people as a way to reintegrate into society. Veja is a firm believer in cutting energy production and utilizing recyclable packaging.

Veja sources its organic material from families in Brazil and the Amazon. The brand produces adult-to-children sneakers that range from €72–€229.

  • ZOU XOU:

Zou Xou is the brand you are looking for! They have comfortable and chic footwear styles and the Argentinan brand makes small-batch productions fit for you.

The price ranges from $149–$298 and these shoes are made-to-order for the consumer's convenience. The product range targets women, for slip-ons, flats, mules, heels, sandals, and boots. Zou Xou takes inspiration from the classics and works with Argentinian artisans.

The best part is that your shoe is entirely made for you! This customization allows the brand to cut down costs and waste. The brand believes in meeting fair labor standards. If you invest in them, trust us the shoe is going to last!

  • TOMS:

If you are new to sustainable living, you have probably already heard about TOMS. The Los Angeles, California-based brand believes in giving back. They have given back over 100 million pairs of shoes to children in need through their revolutionary one-for-one model.

Their prices range from $29.95–$149.95 and the brand gives over one-third of the profit to grassroots organizations focused on equity.  Versatility and style are what TOMS consumers love because the company focuses on all genders and ages.

Their products range includes Adult & children's flats, slip-on, sandals, heels, boots, and sneakers of all types. The eco-friendly alternative and packaging make the brand trustable for the whole family.

In conclusion, buy the brands that you think are worth investing in!