Posted by waris siddiqui

Shoes that hug your feet are the shoes you need!

Sneaker shoes are the best thing to wear because they fit your feet like a glove. If the shoe fits you, doesn't mean you have to wear it.

Slip-on sneakers are the new trend, and we love them because it is chic and comfortable. We are all about style, but in all honesty, nobody wants to go by their day with feet that hurt.

Unisex fashion has become the new norm and, no doubt it is worth the investment. The minimalism and versatility of these shoes are top-notch. Most of the shoe brands have started to adopt the change in consumer behavior.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are looking for shoes that are adorable and plush, you are in the right place. We are listing down the shoes that are versatile and cozy, and perfect for your everyday run around:


We know that men are fond of comfort and neutrality which is why mens slip on sneakers are the newest trend. We love a good shoe, and here are some of the most famous ones that take the mark beyond good.

  1. Adidas Court Rallye Slip Shoes:

Adidas always comes forward with minimalism and class. Court Rallye is one of the most famous pairs released by Adidas until now because of its simplicity.

The pair is affordable and functional, the kind of shoes you can flex on the entire year. The pair retails for only $55 and looks best with light-wash jeans.

  1. Converse, Chuck Taylor, All Star Slip-On:

Chuck Tailors are the pair to trust. The all-star is downright cool because it is available in both high and low top variations. You can wear these edgy slip-ons with crew necks and a button-down checkered shirt.

These are the slip-ons that everyone loves, for their chic and minimal style. The lace pair is available for only $55.

  1. Toms Heritage Canvas Men's Baja Slip-On Shoes:

Tom has pioneered a different type of slip-on and Espadrilles are the brand signature. Baja slip-ons breezy set of sneakers is an engineering pioneer for style and versatility.

The pair retails for only $50 with heritage upper canvas and double elastic for easy on-off wearability. The best part about Toms? The brand is openly sustainable and produces vegan and eco-friendly shoes.

  1. Sperry Striper II Slip-On Sneaker:

As interesting as it sounds, the shoe is worth the investment. If you have sweaty feet, this is the pair of sneakers you should consider. The insole is removable and easy to wash.

The Wave-Siping on the sole provides powerful traction on wet surfaces. The sneaker pair retails for only $60 with breathable leather and a textile blend. The pair is perfect for summer side pool parties.

  1. SeaVees Huntington Middie Slip Ons:

SeaVees is the design that will have you head over heels in love! The range of colors and cloth features comfortable yet minimalistic designs in suede. The pair looks best with a dark navy blue top and light wash or khaki jeans.

Sunglasses of the same shade can amp up the look of your outfit. The pair sells for $100 and features neutral colors. The low-profile laid-back design looks lavish when paired with the right outfit.


Women know that the right pair of shoes can lift the spirit of your outfit. If you want to feel like you are walking on the clouds, these are the shoes to consider:

  1. Everlane the forever slip-on sneaker:

If you are someone who loves minimalism and comfort, this is the shoe to stand by your side. The Forever slip-on sneaker is easy to wear and is 100% recyclable.

The shoe retails for $60 and is perfect for your everyday look. The classic silhouette and fabric give it a touch of class and modernism.

  1. Rothy's the sneaker:

Rothy's is the new trend to invest in! The minimal exterior and comfortable interior give it that perfect look for your daily wear. The $125 sneaker pair is the hottest trend of 2021.

The upper-knit is easy to pair with jeans, and the nude colors give it a touch of sophistication. Rothy's are the eco-friendly and stylish choice that you need to get your hands on right now!

  1. Vince Camuto Abbinna slip-on sneaker:

The polished exterior and aesthetic are what make slip-ons so desirable. Without the laces, the shoe looks minimal and graceful. Slip-on is the shoe that you can pair with anything at any time and, Vince Camuto is a perfect choice!

The platform pair only retails for only $33. Vince Camuto is the brand to trust for high-quality products at a great value!

  1. Toms Parker platform sneakers:

Toms has been in the game for a while and, their classical sneaker pairs speak for themselves. OrthoLite Eco cushioning gives these sneakers a source of great comfort for your feet.

Not only is the lightweight support great for your feet, but the recyclable material also helps the planet. This pair only retails for $60. Your money is not going to waste because they give back one-third of their profit to grassroot efforts.

  1. Acne Studios Buller Perforated Slip-On Sneakers:

These are not your usual sneakers, they are EXTRA sneakers! These Italian Bullers have a perforated exterior which gives it the extra touch of oomph gives it that classic look.

The retail price is $420 for a textile blend, leather, and suede pair. The convenient slip-on vamp gives it that perfect look that looks best paired with your mom-fit jean or flowy dresses.

In conclusion, we love a good shoe, and why leave it behind if it is not made for your gender? That shouldn't be a problem anymore since most of the big brands are already on the bandwagon. We see Vans, Old Navy, Converse, Superga, and Etyty adapting to the change.

To sum it all up, if the shoe fits you like a glove and feels comfortable, wear it!