Top 15 Fashion Styling Tips Every Women Should Know

Top 15 Fashion Styling Tips Every Women Should Know

Posted by waris siddiqui


Just like you plan everything perfectly, from lunch menus for a week to homework schedules for your kids, it's time to credit yourself with a bit of on-demand style. It won't only cheer up your mood but also give you a dose of motivation that your life doesn't only revolve around family or home. It's about YOU!

We talked to our stylists' fashion divas to share some of the best fashion tips that every woman should know when they step out. Let's see what their secret routine is;

Between adjusting profession, family, and figuring out an ideal opportunity for ourselves, venturing out the entryway with style each day can appear to be unthinkable—however, it's not! We asked the most a la mode ladies we know (our Stylists) what their privileged insights are for opening a higher degree of style.

Discover the Insights into the Fashion Styling

Being able to look at every day is a skill everybody needs to master, especially for women who spend most of their time in awe of looking professional and stylish at the same time. Luckily for you, our team has rounded up and assembled 15 fashion styling hacks to help all the women achieve their fashion goals.

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  1. Reorganize Your Closet

Are you one of those who keep repeating the same outfit over & over again just because they can't find something new? No women-it's a failed move! Instead, organize your wardrobe and say HELLO to the clothes you haven't worn for a long time. Some might be a bit old-fashioned, so pick out wisely.


  1. Don't Go Too Loose or Too Tight

There should be a perfect balance of top and bottom where they equally complement each other. Don't get influenced by those super-slim ramp walk models who wear either too tight or too loose. They have their deal to project clothes. Suppose if you're going for an open-top, pair it with skinny jeans or if you're opting for a tight skirt, match it along with a baggy shirt.


  1. Plan out Your Outfits

You go out with the same style every time because you never spare enough time to plan your outfits and high tops. So, just like you plan your week's menu on Sunday, do the same with your clothes, accessories, and even shoes. This way, you'll be able to decide on a new look for each day.


  1. Dress Out Of Your Comfort Zone

It's high time you leave those tank tops and belly bottoms aside and try something NEW. Trust me, nobody's going to laugh at you, and even if they do, you're confident enough to smash their face. To start with the least, change your lipstick shade or eye color. Wear high tops more often if you don’t already. If you always go for something light, try something in darker shades. This way, you'll get small motivations for changing something big.


  1. Carry Accessories

Even if you're too professional to wear any accessory, carry at least one. Either your signature pendant, good-luck handbag, or get-out-of-my-way earrings – it enhances your persona.


  1. Shop for the Event

Sometimes, it's not acceptable to wear something you already have for the occasion that you've been desperately waiting for. Instead, you must go shopping and buy something that fits that Event. For example, your long gown with high heels won't work for a pool party, the same as your sports track won't catch you any attention at a concert night.


  1. What's Your "WOW" Item?

A woman should own at least one conversation piece that can be the talk of the evening. It can be your stylish boots, go-get-them accessory, or simply a vintage pair of earrings-anything that makes people turn around to look at you.


  1. Try Mix-N-Match Patterns

If you've been trying just a few fixed designs and colors because you think you're comfortable in those, it is boring! It's time to try something new, embracing, and exciting. Wearing mixed patterns is so in-trend. TRY IT!


  1. Find a Good Tailor

Having a good tailor is no less than your blessing. It can make the biggest impact on your wardrobe and your everyday look. You definitely don't want to spend extra money on the alteration. Therefore, it's best to choose a tailor who knows the art of stitching and designing. We all know that stitched clothes are always more expensive than on a stretch. Imagine the amount of money you are about to save by getting on a stitched apparel cost-effectively. After that, you will have to wear the only expense for your high top sneakers.


  1. Balance Your Top and Bottom

We're sure you have those ramp walk models pulling off loose clothes quite quickly, but in reality, it's not that simple. For many of us, it's more like a striking off pattern mixed with style and that too, a loose one. Therefore, plan your outfit where your top and bottom complement each other and add on style with high top sneakers. For instance, in case you're wearing a free shirt, take a stab at blending it with tight jeans, and in case you're wearing wide-leg pants or a full skirt, consider cooperating it with a fitted or edited top.


  1. Invest In Styles That Work For Your Shape

Every girl's dream is to have an endless supply of outfits and her favorite high top sneakers. Imagine, you won't even have to go shopping, and all your favorite high tops and apparel would be hand-delivered to you. At that point, have some good times exploring different avenues regarding various textures, shadings, and embellishments while keeping up the certainty of realizing that you, as of now, look fabulous.


  1. Prepare For the Fitting Room

Fitting rooms can be scary if you haven't pre-prepared yourself. Never opt for shopping if you are too tired or exhausted. This way, you'll never want to use the fitting room and end up buying material that might not fit you perfectly or perhaps not your color. Additionally, make sure to dress for what you're shopping for to get the best viewpoint. For instance, taking a stab at an evening outfit with high heels and the proper undergarments will consistently look better than high tops and a sports bra.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Patterns

Your wardrobe needs liveliness and freshness in colors, styles, and definitely patterns. So give a break to your primary colors and styles and something more vibrant and jazzy in your collection, giving you a brand new look. Embrace the modern trends which go viral every other day, and leap of faith in your bold and courageous nature of adapting to change. To do as such, have a go at picking one central plan and emphasizing your outfit with another. Then again, select two examples with coordinating or correlative shading ranges.


  1. Curate Your Colors to Suit Your Skin Tone

Isn't it ironic how a few colors look as if they are meant for us, but others simply don't compliment us? It is mainly because of the skin tone that you never keep in consideration while picking out colors. To look flawless, fill your wardrobe with shades that flatter you the most. The colors often get praised. They're your go-to colors. For fair complexions, white, black, silvers, and grey would match. On the other hand, stock your wardrobe with olive, red, brown, and gold colors for undertones.


  1. Don’t Forget To Accessorize

Your overall attire is definitely incomplete without proper accessories. Be it simple, casual, or fancy, accessories are a must-wear asset to look excellent and stylish. Even if it's about attending your highly professional business meeting, a symbolic wristwatch would just be perfect. Whenever you shop for clothing apparel, do not forget to buy matching accessories. Trust us. They are the much-needed investment. In addition, chic shoes, handbags, caps, sunglasses, and jewelry are essential items to own and wear for a subtle finishing touch.