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Are sneakers an answer to everything?

If there is anything you can’t get rid of is sneakers. You know why? Because you don’t have to think twice before walking in them. No matter what day it is. Whether it’s a day out with friends or a family picnic, fashion sneakers are always the answer to the question.

2020 was one hell of a year in terms of fashion. Fashion shows and social media are flooded with the latest fashion trends in terms of clothing and footwear. Tons of judgments and analyses were passed on the fashion trends but after all the research, one thing can be said. Nothing is as cooler than the women’s fashion sneakers to wear to run errands, motivating kicks to help hit the gym or just give your Instagram look a finishing touch.

With that though, yes. Sneakers are the answer to many if not all fashion qualms. They are cute, super comfortable, trendy, and whatnot. Now it’s totally up to you whether you style it with your favorite dress, cute wide-length jeans, or flapper pants you will rock them all.

Fashion sneakers keep repeating themselves. They come in a different form each and make the news, surprisingly. Last year sneaker trends also hit social media with the top street style look. This time around, they came again with a twist.

School sneakers made headlines?

Throwback shoes also make the news. Back in school days, some cool shoes with all those funky colors were a fashion trend that we used to flaunt. Then it got lost somewhere and some new trends took the place. Now, the same old-school look came running back making a huge headline.

The year 2020 left all of the people with a newfound love and appreciation of streetwear. Here we take a look at a complete guide on what worked well and what did not work that well for the year 2020.

Below, you’ll find six latest 2020 sneaker trends worth trying this year. Enjoy!

  1. Color-blocked sneakers

 Time to take a break from boring sneakers!

It’s high time that you take a break from the usual boring sneakers of yours and slip into colorful yet glamorous color-blocked sneakers to add some colors to the outfit. Let’s join the popular color blocking trend today.

There are many fashion bloggers and influencers that promote the latest trendy footwear to look fashionable and chic.

When wearing the color black shoes, try and keep the rest of the attire simple just so that the attention straight up goes to the heels and sandals.

Here are some ways that you can flaunt color-blocked sneakers at your favorite all-girls party.

4 ways to flaunt color-blocked sneakers!

The color blocking trend is revived with the same enthusiasm and spark. A recent development has been made in footwear trends and that is, color blocking sneakers now involves some additional sprint of colors which are modern, vibrant, and as fresh as it can get.

  • Retro style sneakers
  • Classic canvas sneaker
  • High- top sneaker
  • Low-top sneaker
  • Embroidered sneaker



Sneaker trends come and go with the changing air. Very few stay the same forever. The one that stays is everyone’s favorite trend that people just don’t seem to quit. One minute, there’s a trend of minimalist fashion sneakers that does the rounds on the internet while the other minute everyone is stomping in fancy embroidered sneakers.

Retro never gets old!

Even with such drastic changes in the sneaker trends, there is one sneaker that has not been washed away with the waves.

Retro-style sneakers. Yes, they are here for eternity. Throwback silhouettes with a hearty dose of cool are not going anywhere, making them a solid option for everyone on a hunt for solid retro sneakers.

A good design is a good design forever. Meaning arming yourself with a few pairs of retro kicks is a good way to ensure your footwear game never goes weak.


There is literally nothing better and cooler than a classic pair of canvas sneakers. Especially in a region where the weather is relatively warmer. Start the warm season with a fresh pair of classic sneakers, wear them all the season, run errands in them, and then throw them in the trash bin. That's how easy and cheap they are. Soon as another warm season starts, buy another fresh pair of sneakers.

Just to prove a point of how easy-going these sneakers are, there are some great benefits of classic canvas sneakers that you cannot just miss out on.

They are inexpensive- in contrast to other high-end sneakers, canvas sneakers are super cheap. You can go in fresh pairs and never go low on budget.

They are adaptable- they come under so many designs and so many styles that they can be paired with any form of attire.

They are low-maintenance- the best thing about these sneakers is that they don’t need much attention. You can go without cleaning them and can wear them for days. That’s how low-maintenance they are.

These shoes are simple to clean. Set them in the washing machine, give them around, and leave them to dry out. They will give a fresh and clean look just like freshly brought from the store.


If you are full high on efforts on dressing up then not flaunting high-top sneaker would be the last thing on your mind right now.

Comfort is the ultimate priority of everyone. Whether you are working or relaxing at home. But for once, consider upgrading in terms of fashion if you are basic in fashion trends.

High-tops with jeans are perhaps one of the most classic casual ensembles in the book.

A cool look without being pretentious is a foolproof choice for a weekend getaway. You can safely choose a classic high-top style of sneakers paired up with a basic white tee.

If you’re after something slightly more inventive than a plain tee, jeans with a denim shirt make for a classic pairing – particularly when offset by white or boldly colored high-tops.

Think about wearing contrasting jeans and a shirt and styling them with contrasting shoes.

Given the options of high-top sneakers, it’s best to wear loose-fitting denim. Opt for slim or boot styles that ensure that your outfit does not really appear to be heavy on the eyes.


The low sneaker is a simple sneaker style. The ankle-skimming silhouette works well with the jeans and the skirts and dresses.

The sports brand has a long stake in a low-top game where these sneakers are working wonders.

High-end brands like Gucci have put a unique touch to these sneakers thus making a huge business out of these sneakers.

Low-top sneakers give a simple touch to a fancy look. Similarly, it enhances a decent look to a whole new level.



Dad's shoes have been in fashion for a couple of years now and now they are here to stay. Some call this fashion trendy sneakers “ugly” while some call it aesthetic.

They give the vibe of 90s trends. Besides they are exceptionally comfortable and great for everyday work.

 Typical dad sneakers are usually thought on the outlook, have a chunky sole that gives a heavy aura but while wearing they don’t seem hard on the foot which is the best thing.

However, unlike the previous edition of shoes, you can now style them in multiple ways.

Give yourself a sporty look or a cool chic look. It all depends on you. Or if you’re brave, dress them up with tailored trousers and a well-cut blazer.


This time has called for trendy sneaker boots. But there is a whole controversy around these boots.

People tend to claim that they are super uncomfortable and hard on the feet. While some call it fashionable.

For some, it’s a sneaker trend for short people. Those who always made efforts to look taller tried everything in their might to work out but nothing seemed to work.

Therefore, sneaker boots are high enough to make a short person look tall. Isn’t it great?

Not only does the shoe give a few extra inches without any unnecessary pain, the darling style channels the two favorite decades for fashion: The '70s and '90s.