Posted by waris siddiqui

Are you bored of your plain old white sneakers?

Try these cool DIYs and make them sparkle yet again. If you are looking for fun ideas and crafts for your children, you have landed on the right page. White sneakers can become your best canvas for all the artistry.

Embroidered sneakers are cool, but flaunting your art is even better. Here we have a list of DIYs that will transform the look of your outfit. All you need are some shoes and creativity so let's get started!


  • White shoes or sneakers
  • Colorful Thread/yarn
  • Mod podge for fabric
  • Colorful sharpie markers
  • Paper tape
  • Sparkles and embellishments
  • Paintbrushes
  • Fabric paint
  • Beacon glow-Brite adhesive
  • Canvas pencil

There is no better feeling than being the attention of the party. Stir up some interesting conversations with these shoes. All you need is some Beacon glow-in-the-dark adhesive, paper tape, and white sneakers.

You can also use black sneakers, but the glow will show up better on white. Make sure whatever shoe you are using has an absorbable material. Grab your things and get started!

Grab the tape and make up a few abstract lines through it. Fixate the tape otherwise the color might seep in. Fill each space with a different color and let it dry. You can also outline the tape lines with a sharpie marker to give your sneakers a bold statement.

When the adhesive is completely dry, take off the tape and sharpen up the edges with a thin paintbrush. If you want to give a proper finish, you can always use mod podge to finish up the look. Let the shoe soak some air and wear it the next time you have to go to a pool party!


Make your very own customized flower embroidered sneakers and flaunt all your cute summer dresses. All you need for this project is a strong needle and shoe quality thick thread of various colors.

Only perform this project under adult supervision to avoid any serious injury. Canvas shoes are best for this project because they are easier to poke with the needle.

First of all, grab a pencil and trace a design, now select the color of the thread. Poke the flower bud through your choice of color and make a thick center by passing the thread 2-3 times.

Now start working along that center, and go around it to form the petals. You can also thicken the petals to give them a 3D look. You can make a rose by going around the center of the flower.

If you want to make elongated flowers then try doing straight stitches from the bud. Add a few more stitches on each side of the middle stitch to form a triangle.

Once you have your handset on the canvas, you will be able to control the thread your way. Try cutting off the ends of the yarn and tie them up afterward. Every other colored yarn might have a different density, which may need going over a few times.


This project has to be the easiest one so far because all you need is some fabric paint and glitter. Painting a fresh surface can get messy so make sure you place a newspaper underneath the shoes.

Take out the laces of your shoes and tape up the surfaces like the toe cap and midsole. Don't worry about the grommets because the paint will come off of them easily.

Use fabric paint and paint up the shoe according to your preference. Brighter colors look best and bring out the most of glitter. Once the paint has dried, now comes the glitter.

You can either use glitter paint or mix up some fabric glue or glitter to paint on top of it. The amount of glitter and shimmer depends upon you, but letting the glue dry is important.

Let the shoes dry for at least 24 hours. Don't wash the shoes because they can get scrubbed off the glitter and paint. The fabric paint needs to be heat set to become permanent.

Put them in the dryer for 20-30 minutes. Pull out the insoles of the shoes so they don't fall out and melt in the dryer. After the shoes have dried, clean up the grommets with the help of a Q-tip. Add your shoe-laces and you are ready to rock your next party!


This project is the easiest and will hardly take an hour to make. All you need are some plain canvas slip ons, trust us your high tops won't look good with this. Some pastel fabric pain, a 00 and 05 brush, and some water.

Get started by dry brushing your shoe to get any access dirt off, a clean canvas makes the brush glide smoothly. Decide all the pastels that you want to work with, usually, the unicorn theme has purples, pinks, and blues.

Start by adding some paint on the shoe and spread it around, remember that you have to tape the midsole. Add different colors and play around by smudging, we recommend adding white because adding water can make the colors bleed. 

When you like the contras of shades that you have achieved, let it dry. When the canvas has dried out, trace the sketch you want to enhance. Eyes and lashes look best but you can always go with unicorn horns to stay relevant to the theme.

After sketching, use a fine brush and black paint to trace it out. You can also use a marker but it might not last after a few washes. Let the shoe dry before heat setting it.

Just like we heat set the glitter sneakers, this project will need the same finishing process. You can dye the laces according to your theme to amp up the look of your shoes.

Rock up your best pieces of denim with these artsy shoes DIYs and start interesting conversations with them!